My name is Laura.

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter.

My favorite hymn is It Is Well.

My favorite time of year is fall.

My fingernails are never painted.

My favorite Bible verses are 2 Corinthians 4:16-18.

My blog is about making and selling cards - and I'm glad you came to visit!

I'm from Pennsylvania and I work from home during naptimes of a very busy January baby :)  My husband works hard teaching chemistry and we love cheering on the Steelers during football season.

Castle Bay Cards is an extension of one of many hobbies.  I have a love of all things crafty, but cards seemed like the best thing to let other people buy because who doesn't love to get a special card in the mail?  I like to make 'one of a kind' cards, but I also like making 'sets' of cards.  I have lots of pretty paper, loads of stamps and ink, and am ready to help you make someone's day!