Friday, January 27, 2012

Card of the Week

I've done it!
I've started selling cards at a little store down the street!

Now hopefully that will be a jump in the right direction... more stores in the future I hope!!
Here is something that will be for sale there tomorrow:

Valentine's day cards for school!!!

on the pink side part there are slits cut in the top and bottom to add a pencil or a lollypop.

They will be in sets of 25 plus a teacher card for Valentine's day.

Here's the link to the store:
(there is this huge white box at the top of the page that shows up, but if you scroll down you'll get to see the information...not sure what is up with that...??)

I've got a lot more to bring with me tomorrow to leave at the store...
but I wanted to share this one because I'm excited about Valentine's day!


Anonymous said...

NICE! there is space for little hands to write their own name, which is often big letters!
great idea for classmates.

Alison said...

Great idea! Way to go selling the items :)
(the white square on the website is a picture of an award they won in 2011, maybe it's not showing up on your computer...)