Thursday, January 12, 2012

Getting things done

Although most years I never make resolutions...

apparently this year I have!

I think it's because I'm not at a stressful job and have more time to think about things.
So, anyway,

Our basement living room turned into the "North Pole" in December.

Christmas gifts, cards, wrapping paper, decorations... it was a mess.
Every other year I would have just thrown it back in it's box and said "I'll organize it all next year".
I'm organizing it this year.
And I'm trying to be more purposeful about getting. things. done.
Not, oh I'll set this aside and then when I have a whole lot of time (read: never) I'll do it.

Gluing a wall hanging together.
Sewing up a new bath mat.
Framing pictures.
Making a table runner for the coffee table.

All things I thought of doing, but hadn't done.

Until this month!!


On the list is still many more projects - 
but hopefully I'll continue to just do the project instead of thinking about it.

In other news ~ such as card making ~
I made a contact at a store on the way to our church about selling my cards there.
I have an appointment in two weeks to show them some samples.
Valentine's Day cards, here we come! ;)

hearts... love... and it's only January! ;)

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Anonymous said...

the valentine is sure are busy...I have to remeber to check here more often, kinda got out of the habit!